Dates: 11 to 14 June 2024

Max Mueller Bhavan, Goethe Institut organised a Youth Camp on the theme ‘Food Culture Adventure’  in Kalimpong, West Bengal from 11 to 14 June 2024 for the German Learners of classes IX to XI. It is a matter of immense pride for DPS Dwarka that Vibhu Vibhakar Rao of Class X G was a part of this Youth Camp.
The aim of the Camp was to expand the knowledge of students about the Culture & Cuisine of Europe.  The following activities took place during this 4 day Programme:

  • Workshops by German Experts on different pillars of Food Culture Adventure.
  • An energizing excursion to Darjeeling.
  • Team building Workshops and team meetings to deal creatively with various cuisines and creating fusion recipes celebrating both the cultures.
  • Visit to the famous Nehru Road,  Darjeeling to shop souvenirs
  • A fun filled mystery game at the end of the programme.

This Youth Camp focused on developing young minds, creating fusion recipes and celebrating the rich Indian and German Culture. It was a great learning experience for all the participants.


Dates: 20th May 2024 to 27th May 2024

Students from Delhi Public School, Dwarka visited Moscow School No. 1409 from 20th May 2024 to 27th May 2024 as part of the ongoing programme ‘BRICS’, People Choosing Life’ and ‘Creation of Tolstoy – Gandhi Center’ which was initiated on 13th December, 2022. As part of this project, an MOU was signed between the two schools for an educational and cultural exchange.

The delegation from DPS Dwarka comprised the Principal, Ms. Priya Narayanan, the Russian Language Teacher, Ms. Monika Sharma and 19 students of classes VIII, IX, X & XII.The delegation was warmly received by the Principal, Ms. Irina Viktorovna Ilicheva, Vice Principal Ms. Svetlana Zuckerman and the students of Moscow School No. 1409.

The programme began by getting acquainted with the school premises. Introduction to all the branches of the school (Senior and Middle wings). Students from DPS Dwarka actively participated in various creative workshops, sports competitions, computer and bio lab demonstrations.The Military cadets displayed a vast number of activities related to the technical use of Military equipments. The Last ‘bell’ – a farewell given to the 11th class was a major attraction for one and all.

However, the highlight of the visit was the Invitation for Lunch hosted by the Ambassador of India in Russia H.E Mr Vinay Kumar. His address and interaction with the students was indeed an enriching experience.

The excursion to the Tolstoy Museum, the largest scientific and educational center for the study of the artistic heritage of Leo Tolstoy in Moscow left all spell bound.The visit to the – Russian Exhibition Center VDNKh was a memorable experience, as the students were able to see the largest exhibition, museum and recreation complexes especially the ‘Space’ Pavilion.The walk on the Red square was worth a visit. The students were fascinated by the historical richness of the St. Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin Tower, Noviy Arbat, Moscow Pedagogical University and the CPP school.

In all, the visit to Moscow was an educational and memorable journey. The tour was well charted full of fun, learning & experience.


Dates: 07 May 2024 to 12 May 2024

Delhi Public School, Dwarka in collaboration with Goethe Institut initiated an Indo-German Cultural Exchange Program with St. Emmeram Realschule, Asscheim, Munich (Germany) from 07 May 2024 till 12 May 2024.

13 students from Classes IX, X and XI alongwith 02 teachers, Ms. Parul Relhan and Ms. Ashu Malik travelled to Germany on the above dates.

This educational program was organized not only to give international exposure to the students but to make them understand the myriad of cultures which surround us, their similarities and differences, an understanding of which encourages the students to think the world as a Global Community.

In this program, each Indian student was made a partner with a German student and was provided with accommodation at German student’s home.

On arrival in Germany, a welcome event was organized in German school in which Indian and German students showcased their performances on stage. The students of DPS Dwarka presented a vibrant and energetic dance performance and an insightful PowerPoint presentation. The event was well planned and organized followed by lunch in school. Each and every student was presented a small memento by his German partner on stage.

The students visited the famous sight-seeing spots like Marienplatz, Allianz Arena – the second largest football stadium in the world, BMW Welt. The students embarked on a journey through local trains. They attended an hour long workshop at BMW Museum where they learnt and enjoyed making and designing cars from materials provided to them in a kit.

A trip to Salzburg, Austria was a much awaited excursion, Travelling by a train to another country was a thrilling experience for our students. They visited Fortress Hohensalzburg, Mirabell Palace, Salzburg Cathedral, Mozart’s Birthplace and St. Peter’s Abbey in Austria.

The vibrant atmosphere of Salzburg Castles and mesmerizing beauty of the city as a whole left a long lasting impression on students’ mind.

The trip came to an end with a formal farewell dinner hosted by parents of German students in school.

The students returned to India with cherished memories and deep sense of appreciation for German culture.



Day/Date: Monday, 22 April 2024

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

— Frank Smith

Delhi Public School Dwarka organised a Day Camp for the German Language Learners of classes IV, V & VI on Monday, April 22, 2024. To apprise the student with the rich culture and heritage of Germany a plethora of interesting and innovative activities were organised. Exhibition, workshops, PowerPoint presentations based on the theme “Germany into the World” helped the students gain insight into the nuances of the language.
Students were motivated to learn, explore, and push themselves beyond their comfort zones through a range of creative and challenging activities. They showcased their skills and participated enthusiastically in Theatre, German Songs, Games, Music Band (preparing a song in German Language), etc. The nuggets of wisdom from the experts corresponded with the theme of the workshop. Students worked on different topics interactively and had fun playing German language games. It was great learning experience for all the students. The German Language experts from Max Mueller Bhavan appreciated the active participation of the students.



Day/Date: Monday, 08 April 2024

Delhi Public School, Dwarka  organised the Russian Delegates Welcome Assembly on Monday, 08 April 2024. The ceremony was a part of the Indo-Russian Student Exchange Programme between Delhi Public School, Dwarka, and St. Petersburg’s School No.653.
Dr. Kiran Datar, Chairperson, DPS Dwarka, was the esteemed Chief Guest for the event. Ms. Elena Viktorovna Tkacheva, Principal , St. Petersburg School No.653, also graced the occasion with her presence.
Ms. Priya Narayanan, Principal, DPS Dwarka, extended a warm welcome to the guests, expressing gratitude to the DPS Society and the Embassy of the Russian Federation for facilitating the exchange programme. She emphasized the significance of such initiatives in fostering cultural understanding and educational enrichment, underscoring the importance of bilateral ties beyond politics.
Dr. Datar highlighted the cultural diversity shared between India and Russia. She expressed hope that the Russian delegates would not only cherish memories of DPS Dwarka but also gain insights into India's rich culture and hospitality, embodying the ethos of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which emphasises that the world is one family.
In her address, Ms. Elena Viktorovna Tkacheva, Principal of St. Petersburg School No.653, mentioned the longstanding relationship between her school and DPS Dwarka, dating back to the year 2018. She recounted the numerous visits by Indian bureaucrats and dignitaries to their school, expressing pride in the role of their school in strengthening the friendship between Russia and India through various initiatives.
The cultural extravaganza featured melodious tunes of the school band, a Hindi welcome song by the school choir,  a captivating Russian medley, including ‘Road to Kindness’ and ‘Ye Aalok Humara’ by Rabindranath Tagore. A delightful fusion of Indian classical dance and Russian folk dance further mesmerized the audience, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation.
The student delegation from St. Petersburg School No.653 presented a vibrant cultural fiesta, showcasing a lively blend of Hindi songs and energetic, foot tapping dances.
A heartwarming memento presentation ceremony by the Russian School was then held, honouring the dignitaries from The DPS Society and DPS Dwarka.
The assembly concluded with the rendition of the National Anthems of Russia and India, leaving indelible impressions of camaraderie and friendship, embodying the spirit of cultural unity and mutual respect.


Day/Date: Wednesday, 07 February 2024

Students of DPS Dwarka participated in the ‘Days of Russian Language, Literature and Culture on Wednesday, 07 February 2024 at the Russian House in New Delhi. 35 students competed in six different events, namely, Russian Dance, Russian Song, Poetry Recitation, Drawing competition, Costume Competition and Russian Quiz Competition. The children enjoyed hands on experience of playing Russian games and eating Russian delicacies. Since 2024 has been declared as the Year of Family in Russia, so the theme of the event was "My Family is my Joy".
Students of DPS Dwarka performed exceptionally and were applauded for their talent. They won the following positions:



Name Of The Student




Anangsha Chakraborty


First Prize


Inayat Sahni



Sanskriti Tomar



Deeksha Solanki



Sara Mittal









Name Of The Student




Saanvi Tripathi


First Prize


Divyansh Rao





Name Of The Student




Arnav Gore


First Prize


Shravni Mishra



Atharv Anthwal



Vedant Ruhela



Hemakshi Sharma



Raavi Verma



Deveena Sethi



Mohisha Sharma



Geshna Malhotra





Name Of The Student




Suhaani Prajuli


Second Prize


Aayra Sihare



Myra Gera



Kaavya Goswami



Devyansh Pathak



Riddhi Handa



Samaira Arora



Saisha Mathur



Anjal Thapa



Janya Dhruga





Name Of The Student




Aadi Goel


First Prize




Name Of The Student




Shravya Dogra


Special Mention


Prasiddhi Sharma



Karandeep Singh



Day/Date: Tuesday, 06 February 202

The Final Round of ‘Spanish Olympiad India’ was organized by Instituto Cervantes on Tuesday, 06 February 2024. The theme of the Quiz was ‘Spain and Spanish Speaking Countries’. It was attended by 24 schools.

A team of three students Anika Chaudhry (VI-F), Ahana Majumdar (VIII-C) & Dhriti Dey Kanungo (IX-B) qualified for the Final Round.

Kartik Jakhar of Class VI-F was awarded for winning the Audience Question. Team DPS Dwarka secured the Fourth position in the Final Round.

Ambassador- Embassy of Chile & Ecuador presented awards to the winning teams in the Valedictory Function.


Day/Dates: Thursday, 21 December 2023

The Russian phase of the International and Inter Regional Socio Cultural Program “BRICS People Choosing Life” was held on Thursday, 21 December 2023 at People's Friendship University of Russia named after Patrice Lumumba.
This project which was initiated in 2022 is being implemented in all BRICS countries by Regional Public Organisation BRICS. World of Traditions and will reach completion in 2027. The aim of this programme is to unite people, cities & regional educational institutions through implementation of joint projects and programs.
Ms. Priya Narayanan, Principal, DPS Dwarka was invited as a guest to address the august gathering on the occasion of the inauguration of Russian Phase of this programme. The branches of the Centre will now be set up in Moscow, Tver, Samara & Samara Regions, Altai Krai. In her address she emphasised that together will all be able to preserve and popularize the moral heritage and philosophy of non-violence as preached by the two great legends - Mahatma Gandhi & Leo Tolstoy.
The Principal expressed her gratitude to Ms. Lyudmila Sekacheva, President of this event for initiating this project and giving DPS Dwarka an opportunity to come forward for this noble cause.



Day/Date: Friday, 10 November 2023

DPS Dwarka organised The Indo German Exchange Programme Farewell Assembly on Friday, 10 November ‘23. It was conducted on the virtual platform for the German delegates, Ms. Yvonne Rudolph and Mr. Sebastian Helmel from St. Emmeram Realschule Aschheim, Munich, Germany.

The assembly commenced with a warm welcome, celebrating the successful culmination of this remarkable cultural exchange initiative. The traditional lamp lighting ceremony was held, symbolising the illumination of friendship and the fusion of two distinct and rich cultural traditions.
A melodious choir performance added a harmonious touch to the event, reflecting the unity and diversity of both Indian and German cultures.

Madam Priya Narayanan,  Principal,  DPS Dwarka, graced the virtual gathering with her insights. She emphasised the vital role of exchange programs in fostering cross-cultural understanding and enriching the educational experiences of students. Madam Narayanan thanked the two German guests and extended a warm welcome to them for their scheduled visit with their students next year .

The two German guests delivered speeches expressing their gratitude for the exchange experience. They shared their impressions of Indian culture and the enriching experience they had at DPS Dwarka during the exchange programme. Both were full of praises for the hospitality extended by their hosts Ms Ashu Malik and Ms Parul Relhan along with their families. 

Representing the DPS Dwarka team, Ms Parul Relhan and Ms Ashu Malik, shared their thoughts and experiences. They highlighted the strong bonds formed with their German counterparts and the valuable lessons learned.

The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the efforts and support of all individuals, both in India and Germany, whose dedicated support ensured the success of the Indo German Exchange Programme.

This virtual assembly served as a memorable platform to bid a fond farewell to the exchange participants and celebrated the spirit of cultural exchange and global learning. It was a testament to the continued commitment of educational institutions to provide students with valuable international exposure.


Day/Date: Monday, 6 November 2023

Delhi Public School, Dwarka, hosted a Welcome Assembly for German Delegates on Monday, November 6, 2023, as part of an Educational Exchange Programme between Delhi Public School, Dwarka, and St. Emmeram Realschule Aschheim, Munich, Germany.
The esteemed guests for the occasion were Ms. Yvonne Rudolf and  Mr. Sebastian Helmel from St. Emmeram Realschule Aschheim, Munich, Germany.
Madam Priya Narayanan, Principal, DPS Dwarka, extended a heartfelt welcome to the distinguished guests, emphasising the profound significance of international educational collaboration.
The cultural program featured both German and Hindi song presentations, spotlighting the rich cultural diversity and the exchange of musical traditions. The performances also included the enchanting Indian Classical Kathak Dance and a captivating German folk dance, infusing a dynamic spirit into the program.
Ms. Puneet Kaur, Head of Educational Cooperation at the Goethe Institute, Max Mueller Bhavan, delivered an enlightening address, promising an enriching experience to the group of students who will be embarking on an exchange programme to Germany.
Ms. Yvonne Rudolf and Mr. Sebastian Helmel, offered profound insights into their school's educational environment and also mentioned the attractions that await the students of DPS Dwarka on their visit to Germany.  
The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks, marking the commencement of a promising journey towards enhancing the educational experiences of students from both institutions.


Day/Date: Wednesday, 18 October 2023

A film crew comprising the Author and Director Ms Anastasia Shtikina and Operator Mr Anton Kosopalov visited DPS Dwarka on Wednesday,18 October 2023 for screening of the documentary Film' Seligerie'. The movie showcased the feats of ordinary people who lived near the wonderful Russian lake Seliger.
The guests had an open interaction with the Russian language learners of the school about the film.

Pamphlets highlighting the theme, cast  and credits of movie were distributed to the students. It also has a  crossword which students had to solve after watching the film. Children were awarded gifts for their prompt answers. An outdoor master class on video shooting was organised in the football field. Children were thrilled to learn about movie making. They took autographs of the guests and bid them a heartwarming farewell.


Day/Date: Friday, 13 October 2023

An interactive session and class was organised for the Russian language learners of DPS Dwarka on Friday, 13 October 2023 .Two teachers of Russian language from Pushkin Institute, Moscow visited DPS Dwarka to conduct this session.
The Russian Language experts organised various fun loving engaging activities. Students were encouraged to speak in Russian amongst themselves. Various hands on group activities were conducted by them which were thoroughly enjoyed by the students. The aim was to share Russian language and culture with the Indian students.
It was a great learning experience for the students.


Day/Date: Thursday, 05 October 2023

Cultural Exchange Programmes play a vital role in promoting respect for other cultures. Such initiatives broaden horizons and perspectives and help to inculcate diverse cross-cultural skills.
As a part of the Indian phase of the International Social and Cultural Programme, ‘BRICS People Choosing Life’, a team of representatives from Russia (Moscow, School No.-1409) visited DPS Dwarka on
05 October 2023. The team members were Rina Viktorovna Ilicheva- Director, Svetlana Avsenenko- Vice Principal (Incharge of International Relations) and Milana Kuleva - Press Secretary.

The tour of the school was aimed at understanding policies, procedures and programmes which are an integral part of DPS Dwarka. To begin with, the visitors watched the stage production by the students of Pre- Primary titled Rumpelstiltskin’s Palette.  The hallmark feature of this event was mass participation. Colourful costumes, rhythmic and foot - tapping dances, characterization, stage set-up and spectacular enactments made a stupendous show that mesmerized the audiences.

To give an insight into how students are taught to make careful experimental observations and draw conclusions from data, the delegates visited the Science Laboratories (Chemistry, Biology and Physics). Students demonstrated various innovative experiments pertaining to their areas of interests and explained the scientific rationale and underlying principle of each experiment.

The digital expertise and exposure of students was another dimension of the academic acumen that the faculty from Russia was familiarized with.
The mind-body ancient practice of Yoga which is deeply embedded in the Indian fabric of fitness and spirituality was another important part of this visit. From the origin of the word Yoga, its importance, relaxation techniques, demonstration of ‘Pranayamas’ and ‘Asanas’ to Hastha mudras, all aspects of this discipline left an indelible impression on the visitors.

The Tolstoy-Gandhi Centre in the Senior Wing Library showcased a PowerPoint Presentation that highlighted the strong Indo-Russian connect- culturally, politically and economically. The parallels in cuisine, art, literature, music and dance were also brought to the fore. At the core of this centre are the philosophical teachings and the legacy of the two great thinkers- Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy.

To make students ‘future ready’ and science more fun, the Robotics Club of DPS Dwarka encourages students to learn coding, work collaboratively and build models, tools, robots and AI guided Apps. The ingenious creations of this club were much appreciated by the delegates who aptly commented that the reason behind India’s success of lunar- exploration missions can be well- explained by the fact that her children too like her scientists are so talented.


Day/Date: Tuesday, 03 October 2023

DPS Dwarka in association with ‘BRICS - People Choosing Life’ has initiated  Indo-Russian Educational Project.  As a part of this project, the illustrious  'Gandhi & Tolstoy Centre' was inaugurated on Tuesday, the 3rd of October, 2023.
The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Dr. Kiran Datar, Hon’ble Chairperson, DPS Dwarka, Ms. Sunita Tanwar, Director, DPS Dwarka,Mr. Mikhail Antsiferav, Cultural Attache, Embassy of Russian Federation, New Delhi and Mr. Victor Gorelykh, Head of Education Cooperation Department, Russian House along with other dignitaries.
All students of Classes Pre-School to XII were zealously participated in various activities related to the life and work of the two great apostles of peace. Their work was showcased in the Exhibition, the Tolstoy Farm, the Youth camp and the Youth March organised on this momentous occasion. The guests also visited the Language Lab offering a glimpse into the captivating world of language acquisition.
The cultural extravaganza included a heartfelt rendition of 'Vaishnav Jan To,' a hymn cherished by Mahatma Gandhi by the school choir, an enthralling Indian instrumental musical duet, featuring the Tabla and Sarod, a captivating stage presentation showcasing the shared philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy and mesmerising Russian Folk Dance and exquisite Indian Classical Dance performances.
The highlight of the event was the formal inauguration of the 'Gandhi and Tolstoy Centre.' and an exhibition celebrating the rich cultural exchange between India and Russia, paying homage to the legacies of Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy.
Principal DPS Dwarka, Ms. Priya Narayanan, in her welcome address stated that the aim of this programme is to preserve and popularize the moral heritage and the philosophy of non-violence as preached by the two great legends- Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy.
Ms. Irina Viktorovna Ilicheva, Director, Moscow School 1409 praised the endeavours of the students of DPS Dwarka and extended an open-hearted invitation to the bright young minds of DPS Dwarka, inviting them to experience the enchantment of Moscow firsthand.
Mr. Mikhail Antsiferav, Cultural Attache, Embassy of Russian Federation, emphasized the richness of heritage and the vibrant culture underscoring the profound value of cultural exchange in building bridges of understanding and fostering lifelong connections.
Dr. Kiran Datar, Chairperson, DPS Dwarka invoked the ancient wisdom of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – the timeless Indian philosophy that proclaims, ‘The World is One Family.’ Her message reverberated with the spirit of unity in diversity, reminding us that we share this planet, bound together by the rich tapestry of our differences.
The day culminated on a lofty note, as Delhi Public School, Dwarka, once again reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to nurturing global understanding and friendship through the transformative power of cultural exchange.


Day/Date: Thursday, 21 September 2023

Delhi Public School, Dwarka in collaboration with Embassy of Japan and Japan Foundation organised ‘Nihongo Partners Program’ on 21 September 2023.
The event was graced by Ms. Miina Matsuyama, Third Secretary, Embassy of Japan. Mr. Hoshina Teruyuki, Deputy Director, Nihongo Partners Program from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Mr. Taisei Toyomaru, Director, Japan Foundation, New Delhi, Ms. CHIAKI SUZUKI , the Japanese Language Advisor at Japan Foundationand Ms. Sonu Gupta , Program officer at Japan Foundation.
Students from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies shared various Japanese educational activities with the students. They conducted enriching and informative sessions on Calligraphy, Kirigami, Fencing and Karate. Students of DPS Dwarka showcased the rich Indian culture through Bharatnatyam, Indian Classical vocal and instrumental music. It was a highly fruitful and meaningful educational exchange programme.
Ms. Sunita Tanwar, Director, DPS Dwarka and Ms. Priya Narayanan, Principal, DPS Dwarka extended heartfelt gratitude to Embassy of Japan and Japan Foundation for selecting DPS Dwarka for this prestigious programme.


Mr. Taisei Toyomaru , The Director of Japanese Language / Japanese Studies & Intellectual Exchange, Ms. Suzuki, Japanese Language Advisor and Ms. Sonu Gupta, the Program Officer from the Japan Foundation, New Delhi visited DPS Dwarka on Monday, 24 August 2023. They interacted with Ms Sunita Tanwar, Principal, DPS Dwarka and discussed the details regarding the upcoming ‘Nihongo Partner’s Program.’

The delegates visited the School Language lab and highly appreciated the Exhibition ‘Festivals of Japan’ put up by the students of Class IX. They also saw the Junior and Senior school library, Activity room and Cambridge Classrooms. They applauded the efforts put in by the teachers and students in learning various foreign languages. 


The participants of Tokyo Kengaku II were invited by the Embassy of Japan on Monday, 17 July 2023 at Japan Foundation, New Delhi to present a PPT on the theme “People to People Exchanges, India & Japan – My Perspective” or “My Learnings in Japan – A Students’ Perspective”.
The students of DPS Dwarka won the First Prize in the Power Point Presentation named “Exploring Japan’ – Our learnings in Japan. The presentation was innovative and interactive.

One student also won a Consolation Prize in Cosplay.

Name of winners


  1. Yaashvi Aggarwal – XII E
  2. Lipsita Patra – XII A

1st Prize in PPT Competition

  1. Yaasvi Aggarwal – XII E         




Dates: 25 May 2023 to 29 May 2023

Max Mueller Bhavan, Goethe- Institut organised an Entrepreneurship Youth Camp in Wayanad, Kerala from 25 to 29 May 2023. It is a matter of immense  pride that Aditi Prakash of class X of DPS Dwarka was a part of this youth camp.
Camp was conducted to expand the knowledge of students in the field of Business and Trade.
The following Activities took place during this 4 day Programme:

  • Workshops by German Experts on different pillars of a successful business like Marketing, Finance, Leadership, Sales, Service and Support etc..
  • An energising excursion to the Edakkal caves
  • Team building workshops and team meetings for a mock business idea
  • Goethe Shark Tank
  • Visit to the tea and coffee plantations
  • A Fun-filled mystery game at the end of the programme
  • Visit to the famous mall of Calicut to shop souvenirs.

This youth camp focused on developing and making young minds think about a business idea in a way they have never thought before. The Goethe shark
tank provided a platform for the students to present their business ideas in groups with  proper information and understanding.


Dates: 10 - 17 June 2023

A group of 16 students and two teachers of DPS Dwarka visited Japan on an educational trip organised by JALSTA, The Japanese Language School Teacher’s Association from 10 – 17 June 2023. Students from three schools of Delhi participated in this programme.
This educational trip was organised to give international exposure to the students and make them understand the rich culture and heritage of Japan. The Japanese language learners were also made aware of educational opportunities for higher studies in Japan.
The students were provided accommodation at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Centre in Tokyo with the kind support of the Shimonaka Foundation. The group had the opportunity to visit the Indian Embassy in Tokyo. The Indian Ambassador, H. E Sibi George interacted with the students and they discussed about Indo-Japan relations.
The children visited famous tourist attractions in Tokyo such as the Meiji Jingu Shrine, Yoyogi Park, Sensoji Shrine, the famous Asakusa shopping street,Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree. They explored the city through local trains. At Akihabara, the Technology and Electronics hub of Tokyo, students were fascinated by the world of cutting edge gadgets and explored the vibrant tech culture.
Trip to Tokyo Disneyland was a much awaited adventure. Students enjoyed the thrilling rides, enchanting shows and the most amazing Disney character parade.
They also visited the famous Mount Fuji, Owakudani, Radhagobindh Pal Shimonaka Museum at Hakone.  Trip to the Cup Noodle Museum, in Yokohama, was much enjoyed by the students as they got hands on experience of making noodles. They also got a chance to personalize their own cup noodles.
The students also got an opportunity to come closer to the Japanese culture by donning the traditional kimono, followed by the traditional Tea Ceremony where they experienced the art of green tea preparation.
The group also visited the Minato Sogo High school in Yokohama. The students of DPS Dwarka presented a vibrant and energetic Indian Bhangra along with a Powerpoint presentation highlighting the activities and achievements of their school. An exhibition highlighting rich Indian culture and traditions was also set up by our students. It featured Indian costumes, cuisine, bangles and art work. Star attraction was the mehandi stall where our students applied henna on the hands of Japanese students. They also  interacted with the students and teachers of the school and shared their experiences.  This entire event was covered by the media of Japan.
The students returned to India with cherished memories and deep sense of appreciation for Japanese Culture.


Date: 03 May 2023

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

Frank Smith

A day Camp was organized by Goethe - Institute, Max Mueller Bhawan on Wednesday, 3 May, 2023 for German Learners of classes V and VIII at DPS Dwarka.

Children were urged to learn, explore, and push themselves beyond their comfort zones in a range of creative challenges. Celebrating the German language and culture, a colourful programme of exhibitions, workshops, power point presentations and much more was dedicated to the theme, ‘from Germany into the world’.  

Children showcased their skills and radiated confidence. Students participated in many workshops conducted by German experts like Theatre, German Songs, Games, Music Band (preparing a song in German Language), etc. The nuggets of wisdom from the experts corresponded with the theme of the workshop. Students worked on different topics interactively and had fun together. Enthusiasm and energy marked the events.

Talk shows followed, wherein the students discussed the importance learning a language which is to have one more window from which to look at the world. Giving an identity and helping one to be a global citizen, the day camp emphasised the need to learn as many languages as we can so that the world is closer for each one of us.

‘BRICS People Choosing Life: Creation of Tolstoy and Gandhi Center’

Tuesday,13 December 2022

Delhi Public School, Dwarka in collaboration with the Regional Public Organization “BRICS. World of Traditions” hosted the programme ‘Creation of Tolstoy and Gandhi Center’ on Tuesday,13 December 2022. An exhibition highlighting the life, works & ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy was set up in the school. On this occasion, MOU between Delhi Public School, Dwarka, and State Budgetary Educational Institution School No. 1409 Moscow was also signed.

The programme was graced by Ms. Lyudmila Sekacheva, President, Regional Public Organization “BRICS. World of Traditions” and Manager of the program "BRICS People Choosing Life" as the Chief Guest. In her address she highlighted that this International and Interregional Socio-Cultural programme aims to promote ‘Ecology of soul and body to the ecology of the world’.

Ms. Yulia Aryaeva, First Secretary & Head of Cultural Department at the Embassy of Russian Federation and Mr. Oleg Osipov, Director, RCSC were the Guests of Honour. Other dignitaries from BRICS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russian Federation , The Russian Embassy , RCSC & the Vice Principal of Russian Embassy School also graced the event. Representatives from ITAR TASS, TV BRICS, Russia and Janhit Times were present for press coverage.

Dr. Kiran Datar, Chairperson DPS Dwarka presided over the programme. In her address she reiterated that in the present times of aggression and violence, we need to teach the children the lesson of ‘ One People, One World, One Humanity & One Peace’.

Ms. Sunita Tanwar, Principal, DPS Dwarka in her address emphasised that the aim of this programme is to preserve and popularize the moral
heritage and the philosophy of non-violence as preached by the two
great legends- Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy.

A beautiful cultural programme was put up by the students of DPS Dwarka. Gandhiji’s favourite Bhajan ‘Vaishnav Jan toh’ was sung melodiously by the school choir followed by a hymn and a Russian song. A Talk Show on ‘The Great Leaders - Tolstoy and Gandhi’ highlighted the philosophies of these two great apostles of peace. Highlight of the day were the foot tapping Bhangra , Kathak & Russian dance performance which was greatly appreciated by all the distinguished dignitaries. Students of Russian Embassy School enthralled the audience with a beautiful song and dance presentation.

The exhibition highlighted joyful pictures by students from the State Budgetary Educational Institution of Moscow “School No. 1409”. The theme of the art works was “From Children to Children”. Students of DPS Dwarka also prepared exhibits, posters, portraits showcasing the life and works of Gandhi and Tolstoy. The paintings by Moscow students will be granted to the Indian orphan houses and to the Old Age homes.

This project is a befitting tribute to the 75th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Russia.



It is a matter of immense pride that our student Lakkshanya Chopra of IX A has secured 100% marks ( 60/60) in FIT IN DEUTSCH-I exam conducted by Goethe Institut, New Delhi.

Lakkshanya Chopra


Goethe – Institut, Max Mulller Bhavan had organised a Youth Camp from 31 October 2022 to 03 November 2022 in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh for German learners, who have excelled in FIT exam this year. It was an all expenses paid trip sponsored by Goethe Institute.

It is a matter of immense pride that two students of DPS Dwarka were a part of this prestigious Youth Camp. Aditi Prakash and Lakkshanya Chopra of Class IX A were selected as they have scored 100% marks in FIT IN DEUTSCH Exam.

Following activities were undertaken during the 4 day camp:

    • Workshops by German experts.
    • Celebration of Spooky Halloween night.
    • Presentation of Dream Catchers in German.
    • Visit to Orchha Fort.
    • Excursion to local sightseeing.
    • Enlivening Fashion show, Ramp walk showcasing dreams and passions
    • DJ Night
Aditi Prakash has won the first prize in video making competition on ‘How the Goethe Institute has helped us?’ organised during the camp. It was an enriching learning experience for the students.


Venue: DPS Dwarka (German Lab)
Day and Date: Wednesday, 19 October 2022

DPS Dwarka in collaboration with Goethe Institute, Max Muller Bhavan hosted ‘PLANSPIEL’ (A simulation Game “Climate – Neutral City”) on Wednesday, 19 October 2022 in German Lab. 16 students of classes X and XI participated in the event.

In the simulation game, students developed a climate plan for an imaginary city. The goal was to halve the City’s CO2 emissions by 2030. The participants have learned to represent interests in a playful way, to negotiate with other groups and to come to a joint result.
Learning Objectives of the Simulation Game

  • Putting oneself in a certain role and representing their positions and interests.
  • Setting Priorities, making decisions
  • Perceiving and understanding different perspectives on the problem.
  • Discussing constructively and dealing with conflicts.
  • Knowledge of climate neutrality and climate protection.

The aim of the simulation game was that the participants can contribute individually and have a learning experience together as a group.

NAME OF THE PARTICIPANTS:                       
S.No.                                                  Name                                                 Class & Sec
1.                                             Shourya Sehgal                                                       X D
2.                                             Parth Kathuria                                                          X D
3.                                             Aarnav Raina                                                           X D
4.                                             Vivaan Anand                                                          X D    
5.                                             Gauransh Bhaba                                                     X D
6.                                             Divyansh Gandotra                                                 X D
7.                                             Dhairya Kohli                                                           X E
8.                                             Urvaksh Sachdeva                                                  X D
9.                                             Jai Nanda                                                                  X E
10.                                           Atharv Saxena                                                         X D
11.                                           Yatharth Jain                                                            XI
12.                                           Rahul Ramdev                                                         XI
13.                                           Garvit Soni                                                                XI
14.                                           Arnav Verma                                                             X E
15.                                           Aryan Ranjan                                                           X E
16.                                           Nipun Sinha                                                             XI


Day/Date: Thursday, 29 September 2022

DPS Dwarka organised a welcome assembly for the Russian delegates on Thursday, 29 September 2022.  Mr. Oleg Osipov, Director and Counsellor RCSC, Embassy of the Russian Federation of India, was the esteemed guest for the occasion.

The cultural programme included an orphic symphony played by the School Band followed by Vande Mataram, a melodious rendition awakening the patriotic fervour. The school choir presented a Russian song celebrating the bond of friendship. The highlights of the programme were a Sarod and Tabla Jugalbandi and a fusion dance (Odissi & Kalinka) representing the culture and spirit of India. The dignitaries were welcomed by Ms. Priya Narayanan, Vice Principal, DPS Dwarka. The programme concluded with a presentation made by the Russian delegates to apprise the students about various academic courses available in Russia for higher studies.



The Japan Embassy organised a Painting Competition and Exhibition for students of classes 6 to 11 on Wednesday, 21 September 2022 on the ocassion of 70th Anniversay of Japan- India diplomatic relations " Visit, Paint and Win".

The exhibiton was held at art gallery, Kamla Devi Complex, India International Centre, Delhi.

26 students participated in the above mentioned competition and viewed the exhibition "Japan from India's perspective" .


Venue            :           Russian Cultural Embassy, New Delhi
Event             :           ‘Day of Slavic Writing and Culture’ – Photo Exhibition and Seminar
Date/ Day      :           26 May 2022 , Thursday

11 students of the Russian Club, DPS Dwarka attended a photo Exhibition and seminar to mark the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture at the Russian Cultural Embassy on Thursday, 26 May 2022.

The Russian Cultural Embassy gifted a wonderful collection of Russian Language books to the school. The children were also taken on an excursion of the Russian Cultural Embassy.

The Event was an excellent experience for our students. 


Name of the Event :  “The International Day of Human Space Flight” dedicated to the “61st Anniversary of the First Human Space Flight’ by the Soviet Cosmonaut – Yuri Gagarin.

Venue : Russian Cultural Embassy, New Delhi

The students of DPS Dwarka participated in the Poster Competition to commemorate “The International day of Human Space Flight”, dedicated to the 61st Anniversary of the First Human Space Flight by the Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

The Russian Centre of Science and Culture organized an Award function for the 16 winners of DPS Dwarka on Thursday, 21st April 2022 at the Russian Cultural Embassy.

The students were felicitated with certificates and gifts followed by  2 documentary films on 75 years of Indo-Russian Friendship and an Excursion of the Exhibition and Nikolai Roerich’s Paintings.



Ms. Sunita Tanwar, Principal DPS Dwarka felicitated the students who secured Distinction in the Fit in Deutsch Exam conducted by Max Mueller Bhavan. The names of the achievers are :

  1. Dhairya Kohli     IX E
  2. Urvaksh Sachdeva IX D
  3. Atharv Saxena. IX D
  4. Shourya Sehgal IX D
  5. Vivaan Anand.   IX D
  6. Aarnav Raina.    IX D
  7. Pahul Chadha.   VIII A
  8. Jessraj Singh Mahay.  VIII B
  9. Reyansh Munjal.    VIII B
  10. Daksh Sethi.    VIII B
  11. Jai Sinha.    VIII A
  12. Aditi Prakash. VIII A
  13. Vibhu Rao.   VII A
  14. Arnav Saxena.   VII A
  15. Dhriti Kohli.    VII A
  16. Kushagr Trehan. VII A
  17. Maullik Bhadwar. VII E
  18. Ranya Shrivastava VII E


It is a matter of immense pride that our student Aditi Prakash of VIII-A has secured 100% marks (60/60) in FIT IN DEUTSCH-I Exam conducted by Goethe-Institut, New Delhi. As per their standard procedure the students with extra ordinary performance in FIT 1 exams are given special prizes or invitation to youth camps.

Aditi Prakash


A two day Japanese online exchange program was organized by JALSTA with a prestigious Japanese school named Hiranuma High School in Yokohama, Japan on 21 st and 28th October 2021.
The students of Dps Dwarka and Hiranuma school worked together on a collaborative project 'Dream School '.The students discussed the school system of their respective schools under this project.
The names of the participants are as follows:

1.Ananya Arora class 12
2.Shreya class 9
3.Ankita Reshu class 9
4.Kudrat Sethi class 8
5.Kabir Singh class 8



A World Congress of School History Teachers was conducted in Moscow, Russia, through Online and Offline platforms from 4-7 October 2021. It was attended by 70 participants from across the Globe. The Congress was held in English and Russian both but a few sessions were in Russian only as the participants were from CIS countries.

It was a unique opportunity for history educators to meet colleagues from all across the world and to discuss several key aspects of History Education today. The National Committee of Russian Historians, which organized the World Congress, had invited Euro Clio to host several sessions, and to invite colleagues from Europe via an open call for participants.

The conference was over four days. The Plenary session was held on the first day and had greetings from the country's leadership and honorary guests of the Congress, including foreign participants Speeches on some general issues of historical school education in Russia and around the world .After the lunch break, they had cultural programme for the offline participants.

The Second and the Third day there were three sessions on each day at different venues and on varied topics. Topics like how is history tackled in different school systems, what is the purpose of history, and national exams; what is the role of the history text book today, and how are transnational textbooks created; how to teach controversial topics; teaching about revolutions in world history, and about the second world war; challenges in online teaching; the Council of Europe Observatory on History Teaching.

Fourth day they conducted cultural programs and organized city tour for international participants.

In all, the sessions were truly elating and inspiring. It was an enriching experience to be a part of this conference and I thank the school for giving me this opportunity.



Friday, 13 August 2021

The Embassy of Russian Federation in collaboration with Yasnaya Polyana Museum and BRICS presented a series of fiction books, in Russian and English, by the renowned author Leo Tolstoy to the Russian language learners of DPS Dwarka. The event took place in the school premises on Friday, 13 August 2021.

The Handing over ceremony was organised on the occasion of the International Youth Day, as the planet celebrates this day launched by the United Nations. The event was graced by Mr. Aleksei Illiuviev, Second Secretary, Embassy of Russian Federation and Ms. Ekaterina Tiurina, Attache, Embassy of Russian Federation.

There was a fruitful interaction between Ms. Sunita Tanwar, Principal, DPS Dwarka and the delegates, about the importance of Russian Language, Indo-Russian ties and long lasting friendship between the two nations.

Ms. Tanwar expressed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone at the Russian Embassy for their valuable support and cooperation in organizing such fruitful and interactive programmes. She further added that this gift will help the students of DPS Dwarka learn and explore more about the history, culture and traditions of Russia. These books will quench their thirst for knowledge especially at a time when school children are confined to their homes for more than a year now due to the pandemic restrictions.


DPS Dwarka in collaboration with Goethe -Institut Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi initiated a Virtual German Exchange Program with a school in Germany ‘die Realschule Rothenburg ob der Tauber ‘ in July 2020. As a part of this Virtual Exchange programme, students of both the schools are working on various projects in the field of Science, Technology and Mathematics. It is an ongoing Project, which will continue for 2 to 3 years.

Aim of the Project: The German learners of DPS Dwarka will gain fluency in the Language, discover the richness of German Culture and in due course of the project, they will develop a strong bond of friendship with their German counterparts . They will learn to adapt to the changing world and gain a new perspective towards learning.

Various conferences, workshops and Seminars were conducted before the initiation of this programme to explain to the students the approach of mutual exchange program work, how the children are expected to involve with each other and the modalities involved when the children will be visiting the partner country.

This project will help the students explore and research about various basic domains like environment, pollution, teaching-learning methodology to advanced ones like artificial intelligence, robotics etc.

Projects Covered till date:

Introduction Project by grade 7 (September 2020)
School system Project by grade 8 ( February 2021)
Energy Conversion Project by grade 9 (ongoing Project )

Number of students working on this project: 100 (apprx)  




DPS Dwarka under the aegis of the DPS Society organized Nihon No Kaori 2019 – Annual Inter DPS Japanese Language Festival on Friday, 23 August 2019. Students from twelve Delhi Public Schools participated in various offsite and onsite events.

The Valedictory Ceremony was graced by Ms. Namita Pradhan, Chairperson, DPS Dwarka as the Chief Guest. Dr. Zeenat Khader, Joint Secretary, DPS Society was the Guest of Honour. The event was also graced by Mr. Masahiro Kobayashi, First Secretary, Embassy of Japan as the Distinguished Guest.

Ms. Namita Pradhan, Chairperson, DPS Dwarka emphasized that there is much more that we can learn from Japan apart from their rich culture and amazing technological expertise. The way people of Japan have overcome the ravages of time exhibits their immense discipline, dedication and determination.

Mr. Masahiro Kobayashi, First Secretary, Embassy of Japan in his address complimented the school for organizing such a festival. He acclaimed the zeal and enthusiasm exhibited by the participants from various schools.

Dr. Zeenat Khader, Joint Secretary, DPS Society congratulated the participants and applauded the efforts of the DPS Dwarka team for organizing such an event. She emphasized that the aim of organizing such festivals is to bring the two countries together and further strengthen the bond of friendship.

Ms. Sunita Tanwar, Principal DPS Dwarka emphasized that since Japan is the economic powerhouse of Asia, learning their language is an important skill. It will open doors to employment for students in the near future.

A beautiful cultural programme put up by the students of DPS Dwarka enthralled the audience. The delegates from the Japan Embassy highly appreciated the Japanese Dance and the Japanese Welcome Song presented by the students.
The festival provided the students a platform to exhibit their inherent talent and understanding of the Japanese Language. Various competitions like Japanese Dance, Japanese Song, Picking Beans with Chopsticks, Just A Minute, Making Japanese Dolls and Creating a Mascot were organized to test the language skills of the students.

Mr. Kousuke Noguchi, Director, Japanese Language & Studies at Japan Foundation, Mr. D. Shekar, Senior Programme Officer, JICA and Ms. Uehara Yuga, Japanese Language Advisor at JNU from JICA were the eminent judges for the events. Ms. Anshula Bhatt, Programme Officer, Embassy of Japan also attended the event.

The team from DPS Noida was adjudged the Overall Winners of Nihon No Kaori 2019. DPS Greater Noida and DPS Bulandshahr were the First and Second Runners up respectively.



13 students of  School No. 653 by Rabindranath Tagore, St. Petersburg accompanied by Ms. Shubina Elena, Principal of the school, Ms. Bukareva Galina, Deputy Director,
Ms. Popova Olga, the Dance Teacher and Mr. Mangalam, Hindi and English Language Teacher visited DPS Dwarka as a part of Indo-Russian Student Exchange Programme.

The Russian delegation arrived in New Delhi on 03 April 2018 and their seven day stay with us was an enriching experience.  They visited Taj Mahal - a monument of immeasurable beauty and various tourist places in the capital city of Delhi. Apart from this, Yoga, Music, Pottery, Art and Dance classes were organized for our Russian guests and they also enjoyed learning Hindi and English.

The Valedictory Ceremony was graced by Ms. Nana Mgeladze, Counsellor for Culture, Embassy of Russian Federation as the chief guest. Ms. Evgenia Zeegofer, Second Secretary, Culture, Embassy of Russian Federation and Ms. Lyudmila Fillipova,
Chief Coordinator, Science & Information at RCSC were the
distinguished guests.

Ms. Sunita Tanwar, Principal, DPS Dwarka in her address emphasized that such programmes provide the students a window to the culture and customs of other countries. They are also effective ways of opening the doors to new educational opportunities and can help build bridges of understanding among students from diverse cultures.

Ms. Nana Mgeladze appreciated the efforts of the school in promoting Russian language. A beautiful medley of Indian and Russian dances were presented by the Russian delegates. They also recited Hindi poems and sang Hindi songs which left the audience spellbound. Students of DPS Dwarka will be visiting Russia in the month of October as a part of this student exchange programme.


JENESYS – Japanese Language Communication/Exchange Programme

03 students of DPS Dwarka – Aks Tayal, Nehal Reshu and Mokshita Sobti of Class XI were selected to be a part of JENESYS programme organized by the Embassy of Japan. They were among the 18 students selected from schools all over India to visit Japan for this Exchange Programme from 20–27 March 2018.

As the group landed in Tokyo, they were enthralled by the beauty of the city which was lined with exotic Cherry Blossom trees. They visited SIMA Institute of International Business and Management which gave them an insight into Japanese culture, politics and history through an interactive session. They were taken to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and were fascinated by the state-of-the-art robots on display. They visited to Fukuoka Prefecture wherein they had an insightful discussion with the Government Officials regarding the functioning of the local Govt. and current situation of the prefecture’s environmental protection activities.

The group also had the chance to experience traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony and got the opportunity to try out wearing Kimonos. At the Fukuoka Institute of Health and Environmental Sciences, they learnt about the possible methods to solve urban and domestic environmental pollution problems. The programme was a great learning experience for the students as it helped them understand the economics, history, culture and politics of Japan.   



38 students of DPS Dwarka accompanied by 04 teachers Ms. Bikramjeet Kaur,
Ms. Ila Sharma, Mr. Surender
and Dr. Subhash Singh Tomar visited NASA, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, USA from 13–24 June 2018. This educational trip was organised by Ed Terra Adventures.

The group arrived at Orlando, Florida and spent 3 days of learning at the Kennedy Space Centre. The students were provided training under the Astronaut Training Experience programme. The group saw the entire Space Centre through a guided bus tour, visited Rocket Garden, various museums, and attended simulated launching-landing facilities for space shuttles, shuttle manufacturing sites, riding on a shuttle launch simulator and many other adventurous activities. They also saw the historic Atlantis and other space satellites. The highlight of the stay was an interactive session with an Astronaut followed by lunch with him.

During the 11 day trip students visited the famous Universal Studios, Orlando, Cocoa beach, the massive Atlantic Ocean, Niagara Falls, and Corning Museum of Glass. In the New York City places of tourist interest such as the Statue of Liberty, World Trade Centre Memorial, Freedom Tower, Madame Tussads Museum and Times Square were also visited. The group also spent time shopping at the popular shopping malls.

The tour then headed to Boston. It was a life time opportunity for the students to visit the world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, apart from the other important landmarks of the city. It was a highly informative and enriching experience for the students to visit the Kennedy Space Centre, a place of great scientific discovery and achievements.



10 students of Delhi Public School, Dwarka along with one teacher were selected by JALSTA – the Japan Language School Teachers’ Association for an educational trip to Tokyo, Japan from 12–19 June 2018.

The objective of this programme was to make the students experience an international culture, enhance their language skills, enjoy the beauty of the country and consider Japan as a future destination for higher studies.  The group comprised 25 students and six teachers from four renowned schools of Delhi.

The trip included visit to Mt. Fuji, Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Disney Land and the traditional temple market, Nakamise Dori.  They were also taken to Akihabara, a hub of technological goods and Harajuku, the fashion street of Japan to explore the interiors of the city.

Visit to the Yamawaki Junior High School gave the students and opportunity to interact with the Japanese students and learn about their culture.  The Indian students organized an exhibition wherein traditional Indian costumes and cuisine were put on display.  The trip was a great learning experience for the entire group.